by Sarah Diane Pomerleau and calendar

1.  How to discover my Life Mission?

2.  From Karma to Dharma, Memories Mirrors (heal your past and reactivate your potential)

3.  My Totem Animal and its medicine

4.  Soul Reintegration (Unifying the parts of the Self)

5.  Learn to communicate with Dolphins, Angels of the Sea

6.  Divine DNA Reprogrammation and Cellular Regeneration (Self Healing and Self Transmutation)

7.  My car, mirror of my Life   

8.  Channel your Guides through Inspired Writing, a step to Channelling

9.  Aura Reading and Energetic Healing: a Way of Compassion, Levels 1-2

10. Chakras Reading and Energetic Healing

11. Past Lives Reading and Energetic Healing 

12. The Way of the Tree-Totem-Obelisk, Alchemy and Shamanism for Self-Transmutation

13. The secret Code of Isis and Osiris DNA

14. Healing the Inner Adolescent, this Eternal forgotten  

15. Self-Recognition : a Portal for Illumination

16. The Relational Caducea, Horus Alchemia, to harmonize or free all relationships (soul mates, children, family, friends, etc.)   

17. Psychological Tarot Reading

18. The Weighing of the Heart, Rite of Passage in Ancient Egypt  

19. Creative Writing: Since childhood we bear a book in our Self

20. Planetary Reconnection with the Earth's chakras  

21. Chakras, Wheels of Life   

22. Past lives Regression, Healing the Past and Reactivating the Present 

23. Accompanying souls before Birth and after Death

Seminars and Workshops

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24. Introduction to Dreams and Symbols   

25. The Samsarah Method, Therapy for the Passages of Life and Death, Levels 1-2

26. The Hour of your Life Balance

27. Introduction to Celtic Runic Energies

28. Catharsis, the Tunnel Therapy (for occulted memories, Jean Côté Method, Doctor in Psychology)

29. Energetic Healing with the Quantum Method of 2 Points

30. Conscious Death, the Art of preparing the Ultimate Transition

31. My Life, Mirror of my thoughts, my words, my beliefs

32. Exploring Quantum Multidimensional Holograms of our SELF

33. Discover and Integrate our Personal Archetype